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The drawBRIDGE® Enterprise product is a fully featured hybrid electronic Document Management System which incorporates highly functional configuration management aspects. It performs a vital function for organisations aspiring to develop a secure electronic vault containing important and critical engineering or business related documentation, and the subsequent electronic distribution of these documents throughout their organisation and sub-contracting firms, where long-term 100% rendering accuracy is mandatory.

drawBRIDGE® Enterprise is a revolutionary re-definition of document management, built from the ground up to take advantage of Web-centric and application based XML services, resulting in a three-tier runtime architecture capable of hosting a variety of business information management requirements. Clients benefit with powerful document change control and custom built workflow strategies, including integration modules for CAD, GIS, SAP and SCADA while providing automation tools for the processing and exchanging of documents to external service providers or regulators.

Simple and very easy to use, even by the casual user, drawBRIDGE® incorporates a Microsoft Windows “look and feel” and is extremely secure. Simple “point and click” technology is employed to view documents and drawings, rendered 100% correctly or rapidly produce reports. drawBRIDGE® will “float” throughout the network so there is no need to nominate personal computers for dedicated viewing of documents or drawings. Each personal computer connected to the network can potentially access the drawBRIDGE® document vault securely.

Advanced features include "Document Tokens™" which allow fast "point and click" access to regularly referred to documents, and will always display the latest version of the document, while "Configuration Tokens™" display the specific version of the document. Users can collect tokens, produce libraries or share them with colleagues, SAP, GIS, SCADA. Customised “Search Tokens™” allow each user to save the way drawBRIDGE® displays search results, column positions, and displayed fields.

drawBRIDGE® is an enterprise capable document management system, helping organisations deliver knowledge management. It is ideal for capturing and sharing knowledge which will overcome the situation of staff members accumulating their own information by using individual filing systems. Other benefits include a business environment where the drivers are for cost reduction, enhancing cross-regional cooperation and safety, and knowledge retention.

If you would like to see a short demonstration or would like more infornation on drawBRIDGE please contact our office and one of our Consultants will assist you.