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officeBRIDGE:Document Solutions|Centralized Document Management Melbourne

officeBRIDGE Enterprise is a fully featured solution which provides a complete document management and imaging system for a paperless office. It is an advanced, powerful, and feature-rich Web-based document management system which allows you to store, manage, share, retrieve and capture any office document including Word files, PDF files, CAD files, scanned documents, emails and their attachments, faxes, and much more.

officeBRIDGE reduces total cost of ownership and increases user acceptance by leveraging existing client/server infrastructures and seamless integration with applications already familiar to organisational staff, reducing the need for excessive training. officeBRIDGE is fully integrated into Windows, Microsoft Office and Outlook productivity applications and business software such as CRM systems like SAP.

Documents can be created in any Office applications and easily placed into the officeBRIDGE vault with one-step operations. Forms can locate information in the vault allowing easy population of fields and allocation of document numbers at the click of a button. Features include:

  • check-out/check-in
  • version control
  • document profiling
  • comprehensive search
  • template management
  • notifications and approvals
  • project management
  • linked documents
  • support for different tools
  • task manager
  • full security and auditing.
officeBRIDGE provides instant access to all types of documentation, including invoices, purchase orders, faxes, meeting agendas and a lot more. All in one secure environment.

officeBRIDGE will dramatically improve the productivity of knowledge workers through version control, workflow and record management capabilities. By consolidating, classifying and indexing emails, office documents, scanned paper and any electronic file, officeBRIDGE’s libraries become a powerful corporate asset where employees and partners can access and share information.

officeBRIDGE allows users to store any amount of additional indexing information with each document via “Class of Documents" attribute selection. This information can later be used to quickly find or group documents based on any criteria you provide.

Advanced features include "Document Tokens" which allow fast "point and click" access to regularly referred to documents, and will always display the latest version of the document. "Configuration Tokens" will display the specific version of the document. Users can collect tokens, produce libraries or share them with colleagues. Customised “Search Tokens” allow each user to save and share the way officeBRIDGE displays search results, column positions, and displayed fields.

officeBRIDGE is a total knowledge management tool. It encompasses ease of use through simple point and click technology as well as full integration with existing business applications. It is a total online filing cabinet without the cluttered drawers and excessive paper, where documents can be found and retrieved within seconds, cutting significant time and cost to your organization. It will help you find files faster, organise documents easily, save space and distribute information all in one powerful total office management tool.